Recently Korr Light Bars have been tested against all other light bars, This article will be posted soon once magazine is published.
We boast a massive 690 lumens per 50cm bar and can back it up. Other bars on the market boast this amount of lumens but when tested only came in at 20 to 50 percentage as bright as the Korr light bars, Our bars are so bright you will need the dimmers, The brightest toughtest bars with a 5 year warranty.
$299.00   $279.00

Massive 2760 Total lumens

4 x High Powered 50cm Light Bars
3 x On/Off Dimmer Switches
1 x 3m Extension Lead to male Cigarette adaptor
1 x Battery Terminal Clamps to female Cigarette adaptor
2 x 5m Extension Leads
2 x 3.5m Extension Leads
2 x 2.5m Extension Leads
1 x 3-Way Splitter Cables
1 x 2-Way Splitter Cables
6 x Velcro wraps for mounting
6 x Zip-ties for mounting
1 x 240v / 36w (12v) transformer
1 x Carry Case

• 5 year warranty
• Current draw: 50cm bar = 0.6 amps per hour

80% – 90% less attraction to insects than conventional lights



In stock

- White 1100 Lumens per mtr (Total 2200lm)
- Orange 700 Lumens per mtr (Total 1400lm)

- Orange LED's attract less bugs than other lights
- Dual Orange / White LEDS in one strip
- 2 Year Warranty
- 2 meters strip length
- 1.2 amp hours or 14.4 watt per 1m length
- 12v LED
- Beam angle: 120 deg
- Waterproof (IP68), excluding dimmer
- 120 / 5050 LEDs per metre
- 3M adhesive tape on the back of LED strip

- 1 x 12v Orange white super bright strip light 2 metres long
- 1 x dimmer switch
- 1 x cigarette lead with 3 mtr lead
- 1 x 3 mtr extension lead

In stock
Korr Lighting